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Prefabricated buildings: types, characteristics, prices

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Any building (private or multi-storey) or office – it is primarily a place where you can organize an optimal, comfortable environment for living, leisure, vocational activities, etc. This means that the person will be protected against all the whims of nature and it will have all the necessary amenities.

the Main problem of any "classic" the building is the long time required for erection of Foundation, walls, floors, roofs, engineering structures, etc. It is not possible to respond dynamically to life and economic situation, as well as to be free for relocation if necessary. The decision was found in such constructs, which is directly proportional to the build time.

What is bbs?

Modular, mobile or pre-fabricated building – this is a team building structure that consists of a standard uniform nodal blocks, allowing a period of two to three days up to 2-3 weeks to collect the full object with all utilities. For their construction does not require pouring the Foundation, because they are temporary, low-rise (maximum 3 storeys) objects. If necessary, they can also quickly disassembled, Packed, moved to a new place. There bus going again, to add or to remove excess.

Types of prefabricated buildings

use the three main types of bus:

  • Building from a separate block modules;
  • objects Prefabricated from modular containers on a sheet;
  • objects Prefabricated frame and panel type.

Using the block

This scheme is based on a phased transport to place of Assembly of finished modules or containers. This self-contained volume or structural elements of full factory readiness. In construct, they can be confined (separated), open (allows the coupling with the neighboring blocks to form a larger area of the internal space) and transforming. Accordingly, connection of wall elements may be sealed (welded) and combined.

depending on the purpose of the object, allocate the modules:

  • office and household type;
  • special
  • inventory;
  • sanitary
  • etc.

Sheet diagram bus

Separate version of an Assembly of modular buildings can serve as a scheme, which uses collapsible containers. That is, to the place of erection of object are transported finished wall blocks and slabs, which are then put together. Standard container elements have a length in the range of 6-9 m, width   2.4 GHz 2.5 m and height – 2,6…2.8 m.


Frame and panel objects

In this case, is erected the metal frame of the future building, the openings of which set the finished wall sandwich-panels. This lightweight, insulated blocks that are equally effective can be used for walls, floors, roofs. They are easy to install, transport. In addition, they have a fairly attractive appearance.

Prices bus

depending on the manufacturer, materials used and Assembly scheme, every square meter of the building costs only 2-3 thousand, one hundred and almost three times cheaper than the most budget of new buildings in the regions, excluding investments for the resettlement of 5 thousand dollars. This attractive price is achieved through the use of standard modular consoles quickly, we do not need the Foundation construction, receiving the set of approvals at the local level and attract masses of specialists.

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