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How to choose professional nail clipper?

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Scissors for cuticles are an important tool in the wizard directly-cut manicure. It is therefore very important not to be mistaken in the choice. By the way, you can more information learn about this high quality professional nail tool with manual sharpening - LAZETI, like scissors for cuticles at .


How to test scissors for manicure?

Before purchasing a nail clipper, first they need to get out of the packaging and carefully check. All professional tools usually have a package that will give you the opportunity to do it easily, unlike manufacturers of other products that are "tightly" close packing, and then you have no access to the instrument. The professional scissors for cuticles also indicates that they have a quality protective cap, which is made of silicone.


Hardness of steel

the First thing you need to try to determine - what is the hardness of the steel these scissors kutikuly. It is unlikely you will have need for this device. So grab a pair of scissors in hand and easily bend them to fracture around the screw. If the shears start to bend easily - they do not fit, because the soft steel (less than 35 HRC).


Fabric scissors

Next you need to look at fabric scissors for cuticles, because in reality, they should be narrow, have thin and sharp.


Thickness shear

Narrow scissors that have a very small thickness (the thinner, the much better) make it possible to easily cut cuticles much smoother and to be closer to the nail shaft. A thickness of about 0.15-0.25 mm is considered optimal.  “Sharp, but not needle" is the main rule that should concern the tips kutikuly scissors. These tips can be a good to get under the cuticle and not to injure. To do this, in a company like LAZETI them in a special way dulled to a radius 0.1-0.2 mm.

the Next step is to check the progress, we have to look at come in 2 fabric scissors from the place where there is contact to the tip. Of good quality scissors cuticle «the course" usually begins with 1/3 of the distance from the tip, and great as LAZETI, 2/3. It can be done only masters of the highest professional level. From the correctness of settings "stroke" in the first place, will depend on the lifetime of manicure scissors.


running Test scissors for cuticles

To test cuticulae we take the scissors and close them slowly, while carefully listening to the sensations that occur in your hand.


Check Lesa

finally, the last phase " check the "Lesa". You just need to purchase plastic wrap. It must be put on the edge of the table and give freely to overhang, and then ready to test "cut". First you need to open the blade of the scissors, and then to bring them directly to the film slitting her upper part of the scissors. If it was a good cut, then p is of decent quality.


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