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What is the tanning? Do you need cosmetics and tanning cream?

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Summer sun soon will bring a sense of celebration, beauty and youth - all that we lacked in the winter. But in order to stay on the beach we could demonstrate a nice tan, you can visit the Solarium. Of course, that you are not to use cosmetics and creams for a sun deck. If you follow all the rules, a tan will be useful, safe and beautiful.

what are the benefits of tanning?

advantages of artificial sun is not only beautiful skin with a nice tan. Spring is exhausted during the winter the body is experiencing an acute need for vitamin D (it is directly responsible for the exchange of fluorine and calcium, which directly affects the condition of teeth, hair, and nails). While sunbathing synthesis of this vitamin increases. It is clear that the tanning has its own specifics.

What you need to know before you go to the tanning bed?

You probably had to meet with such cases when people, after returning from a holiday, comes with herpes. This is due to the fact that he had received a large radiation dose, wrong sunbathed and so on. Because the sun also has its own specifics and there are people for whom it is contraindicated. People with fair skin, light hair, not tan, but burn. More information can be found on the website: . Therefore, in this situation you need to consider the type of skin the person has. Before a person with problem skin to send to the Solarium, you should know whether she had other diseases. In this case, you must consult a dermatologist. He can assign you a certain makeup or cream to zagorat in the Solarium.

But in psoriasis Vice versa is not forbidden to go to the Solarium. But to abuse them in any case impossible. This can also lead to skin cancer.

Harm or benefit?

to Say clearly harmful or clearly positive effect of tanning is impossible. Every medal has two sides. If you abuse the tanning, it can lead to photoageing - skin ageing, appearance of wrinkles, age spots. And if at a young age, it will see not immediately, then over time the symptoms become increasingly prominent. In the Solarium, it is desirable to go after consultation with a dermatologist or a dermatologist regarding the timing, quantity and time periods and individual for each person and after you purchase the right cosmetics and creams for tanning. And remember: metered-dose effect of tanning can be helpful, if it is misused, it will hurt.

How often Solarium - it depends on the skin type

mostly it is visited by up to a certain tanning effect. People tan, satisfied with the result, he no longer comes. In the Solarium it is advisable to go 1-2 times a year, to complete a full set of procedures (and that from seven to ten), and then once or twice a week, you have a few minutes to sunbathe in the Solarium for support - who wants to, of course.

Even before the holiday season already in March, April, may people begin to rapidly go to the Solarium, and both men and women aged 20 to 35-40 years. Although there are times when people come to sunbathe before the New year, after all, a celebration woman wants to wear a low neck dress or before the wedding, the bride wants to sunbathe.

Cosmetics TA cream for tanning

it is Clear that before you go tanning you need to buy good quality cosmetics and creams. This is extremely important, because this will depend on the future state of your body, i.e. skin. They play an important protective role, so we may lose them as one of the important elements is strictly prohibited!

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