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Paediatric orthopaedic pillow - a guarantee of comfortable sleep of your baby

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So that your child develops correctly, you need to pay enough attention to the arrangement of his bedroom. You need to acquire, but not only high-quality mattresses, and a good orthopedic pillow, which today become more and more popular. But why?

the thing is that when people sleep on the regular pillow - their spine is in an unnatural position. His cervical spine should be on the 1st line with breast. In the case of a soft pillow, due to deprivation of support neck involuntarily bent down, and  in the case of a firm pillow – the neck is too raised. Both options lead to the fact that the intervertebral discs to go the additional stress that:

  • violates the blood circulation of the head;
  • leads to tightening of the neck muscles;
  • the access of air to the lungs is hampered, and the result was that all the tissues receive less oxygen;
  • contributes to early development of osteoarthritis.

This accessory supports your neck in a physiologically correct position and will help avoid all these unpleasant consequences. By the way, to select and purchase an orthopedic pillow you can in the online store: .


Why do I need an orthopedic pillow?

If the child is healthy, then an orthopedic pillow you can use already with 1.5 years. This accessory is very different from the classic "fellow" in composition and properties, this pillow promotes proper development of the cervical spine. Often for prevention of various diseases pediatricians advise parents to buy an orthopedic pillow earlier.


Advantages orthopedic pillows:

  1. smart design makes it possible to reduce the load on the cervical spine, normalize blood circulation in this area, and also to normalize tone of the muscles;
  2. the
  3. «smart pad" takes into account the physiological characteristics of the child and adopts a form in which its head and neck will be maintained in the optimal position;
  4. the
  5. in older age orthopedic pillow: normalizes sleep, helps to cope with pain in the cervical spine and chronic headaches, promotes posture correction, relief of osteochondrosis, relieves dizziness, and is a great means of prevention all of the above nedomoganii;
  6. the
  7. this accessory is indispensable for toddlers, who were diagnosed "stiff neck", as well as for weak children who were born prematurely.

Choosing children's orthopedic pillow

If you look in the directory of manufacturers of this product, you can easily get lost. So how to choose the right accessory for the dream his child among the many models offered by the market?  it's not hard if you take into account that all orthopedic pillows are divided into classes depending on:

  • of the Materials from which they are produced;
  • the
  • of the Age of the baby.

Modern manufacturers for the manufacturing of this accessory often use either polyurethane foam or latex. These materials are:

  • low maintenance
  • do not cause allergies;
  • provide excellent heat transfer and breathability
  • well maintained.

Remember: selecting an orthopedic pillow it is important to consider the age limits recommended by the manufacturer!

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