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Thrush: definition, symptoms and causes of illness

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Thrush (or vaginal candidiasis) is a gynecological disease that is caused yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. In practice, almost every woman deals with this kind of diseases, such as thrush, and some signs of disturbed regularly.

amount of white Discharge and itching (very frequent symptoms of this disease) are very pronounced, while forcing the woman at the same moment to go to the doctor. Also they are moderately severe, but permanent. In this case, the women themselves call the pharmacy. As mi see, recently the fungal disease progresses, and often doctors are faced with thrush. More information you can also read on the website:.


the Symptoms of candidiasis

Symptoms of thrush in women is itching and white discharges with admixture of cheesy-kroshkovidny inclusions. That is why this disease is the second well-known name - thrush. Discharge usually thick, white, yellowish-green. From the fact which they are structurally dependent on the severity of the disease. By the way, they are always accompanied with sourish and very foul smell. Itching, in turn, is constant and is worse at night. It is through this that he leads to mucosal trauma due to constant scratching.


Causes of candidiasis

Candidiasis is often hurt many women, and with this comes up that causes disease there are many. About 50% of women to 25 years time to recover from some periods of thrush.

a smaller number of women this disease becomes chronic, and the patients suffer him at least 4 times a year. The most common cause of yeast infection considered the holding of antibiotic therapy. The latter can cause intestinal dysbiosis, and even the vagina. Also not less important role in the occurrence of vaginal candidiasis belongs to diseases of the stomach or bowel, diabetes, hypovitaminosis and other endocrine diseases. Thrush during pregnancy is dangerous because it can infect the fetus, then there appear some complications.


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