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Sandwich panels and their varieties

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In the world of modern technology, quite rapidly and evolving quickly there is a need, to do built the most durable, warm and quickly erected. All this can be achieved using sandwich panels factory production.

the Sandwich-panel is a construction material having a three-layer structure (consists of 2 sheets of durable material and insulating layer between them. Among themselves they are glued with hot-press. Fillers sandwich panels are often: fiberglass, polyurethane foam, Styrofoam (polystyrene), mineral wool (basalt fibers).


the Most popular types of sandwich panels:

  • (PIR) is a three-layer lightweight panel with insulation from PIR (fire-resistant penopoliizotsianurat). The ability to withstand heavy loads, high fire resistance and low thermal conductivity, makes a feast just perfect insulation material for roofing and building wall panels. The polyisocyanurate is a class of polymers, whose structure is composed of small closed cells that are filled with blowing gas having a very low thermal conductivity. The main feature of PIR is its fireproof properties. So, when exposed to flame, the outer layer of this material and carbon char is formed "porous" the matrix, prevent combustion of the inner layers. High flame-retardant properties of the PIR allow you to operate the panels at temperatures up to 140 0 C;
  • Sandwich panel PUR (PUR) - a three-layer lightweight panel with insulation of polyurethane foam (rigid polyurethane foam) made in Europe. Polyurethane is called chem. polymer compound which is formed during the reaction between the liquid polyols and isocyanates. At a certain ratio of the polyol and isocyanate foam comes out, which has a porous structure with closed cells, in turn, filled with gas with very low thermal conductivity. Today polyurethane foam is the most energy efficient insulation that is used on the refrigeration and construction markets.

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