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Some facts about teeth whitening

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a Radiant smile is not only a decoration of each person, but also the key to her successful career, says for many years.


Down spot!

unfortunately, the perfect shape and shiny porcelain appearance of the teeth nature gives not all and not always. With age, your teeth also age, and even the white enamel can change color. However, nowadays this process can be corrected.  

Teeth turn yellow from Smoking, drinking coffee, tea, etc. Doctors use the latest technology for painless and professional cleaning of the teeth, protect the enamel, allow to achieve bright teeth and restore fresh breath. But any dentist will tell you that brushing your teeth is not whitening, which is done using chemicals. The effect of this procedure will last for several years.


how many sessions can whiten teeth?

Bleaching gives a more aesthetic effect. On the tooth after removal of dental stones (this is necessary in order to underneath after bleaching did not remain dark places) applied chemical is hydrogen peroxide, which is activated under the action of light. We can bleach and in one session. Taking a 35 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide. But after the procedure some time, the teeth will be sensitive to irritants. Generally, the bleaching takes place in several sessions, a maximum of three.


Whitening at home

Those who do not have time to whitening clinics can do it at home. For this made a special mouth guard - an imprint of the jaw.  these trays to apply the gel in smaller concentrations than in-office  bleaching (10 percent). They need to be kept in the mouth 20-30 minutes.  But this should be done two to three times to fix the effect. However to whiten the teeth of people after 25-30 years.


Zloupotreblyat - will remain without teeth

dentists sovetut cautious about chemical bleaching. Whitening, is very popular abroad, reached us. All rushed EN masse to the dental clinic, but you should know the possible consequences of chemical bleaching. Bleached teeth even more absorb different dyes and therefore, you have to forget about coffee, teas, cigarettes, berries: raspberries, blueberries, etc. Making chemical bleaching, dentists are advised to pay attention to the presence of fillings and crowns, because they change color. To seal the tooth we can bleach only the ear, but this additional cost.

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