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Fashionable men's haircuts 2016: top 5 options

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Well-chosen men's haircut is not only the key to success among women, but also an indicator of character, sense of style and personality. We offer you a list of the best haircuts 2016, which will help to make any image perfect.

every year fashion dictates new rules in the selection of haircuts. If in previous years was popular versatile and convenient "hedgehog", but this year this haircut is almost the last place.

  • So, at the peak of popularity in 2016 among men will be haircut "canadian". This variant is characterized by short cropped nape, while the top of the hair should be "lush". "Canadian" has already gained its popularity among men, but this year it will be the most relevant. You can find more information .
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  • Haircut "Bobrik" - a new trend in the field of barbershop. Perfect shape, clean lines, lightness and versatility are the major features of this hairstyle.
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  • "Gentlemen's haircut" - an option that is somewhat reminiscent of the retro style. Clearly pobrany parted, neatly combed hair with gel - are the main advantages of this hairstyle.
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  • Chaotic haircut - option for those who do not like to stay long in front of the mirror. This does not mean that it is necessary to take the hair and not comb my hair. Chaotic haircut and a trim, just tuck it is not necessary. Before going hands give your hair a little bit of carelessness and all - you can go to conquer the world, and many women will be yours.
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  • Long hair will not lose its popularity. Neat haircut and well-groomed washed hair will make your image more easy and romantic.

so today, you learned what men's haircuts are most popular and what are their features. Remember that for every person there is his own style and his hairstyle. But you do nobody forbids to experiment and then every woman will be you, men love it. Always stay original and beautiful!

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