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What is a cataract?

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Cataract is a nasty disease in which occur the clouding of the lens and the person with this disease has the impression that the image becomes blurred. Cataract symptoms appear gradually, not immediately.


How do doctors treat cataracts?

Occurs uaenic of the lens using a special optical path which the radiation turns him into an emulsion. After that, the lens is aspirated from the eye and took a flexible intraocular lens that is inserted using injector. This lens is able to turn around and be securely fixed. By the way, more information about cataract, you can read at: .

In cataract treatment, an important aspect is the use of viscoelastic is a special substances injected into the eye during surgery, due to the introduction of modern technologies has become easy and less painful for the patient. By the way, the use during surgery, viscoelastic allows surgeons to seamlessly perform all the necessary manipulations. In addition, it allows you to create optimum conditions for IOL implantation, due to the fact that they provide support for the anterior chamber depth and protect the inner structures of the eye.


the benefits of using laser technique in the treatment

Laser technique makes it possible substantially improve the treatment of such diseases as cataract, because the time for this operation is about 5-7 minutes, and it significantly shortens the rehabilitation period. It also lowers the risk of surgical intervention. This technique is often applied at the initial stage of development of this eye disease.

the High results of the operation are achieved due to the fact that there is a wide choice of modern intraocular lenses, which usually offers many patients a good center who treats eye diseases, and a flexible pricing policy enables you to help a great number in need of treatment.

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