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Bergamont - affordable and reliable bikes from Germany

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In Ukraine the 1st bike Bergamont came about in 2003, Originally, the promotion of this German TM, was only only by the individual vendors who worked on themselves and small private shops.

Even despite the fact that they had never conducted large-scale advertising campaign of Bergamont bikes, they are known for today, most of the cyclists of Ukraine as a reliable bikes from Germany for aspiring professionals and advanced Amateurs.
there is No sense to describe some specific technical systems and solutions used in the manufacture . Don't just say that technologically, these bikes are not nearly as inferior to Merida and Giant - a global giant in the industry. The only difference is the customer focus.


Quality Bicycle Bergamont

since 2006, your obedient servant (the author of this article) has the bike Bergamont, Rephlex, because all that will be discussed below, it may not sound very objective.

so, for a 4-year active ride on asphalt and dirt roads (only about 7000 km), the bike didn't break once. Had absolutely no problems with the kit and frame and no rust on nuts and bolts. Paint bike frames (not counting the scratches from a couple drops) – like new. Suspension fork not play today.

as a result of wear and tear, were replaced the rear of stars and chains.

you Also need to focus on the brake pads and wheels. During the operation, despite the fact that the wheels single rim edit 8-OK it took only 1-in times (after 3-years after buying the bike). But regular brake pads wore out after 4 years of riding.

On frames Bicycle Bergamont we can say only that they develop at the German Technical University in accordance with the latest achievements in this field and with all technical requirements. The prototype frames through a rigorous strength tests at landfills and in specialized laboratories.

Design priority of most bikes of this brand is simple colors and clean lines (unlike such popular bikes as: Author, Comanche and Ardis).

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