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Sofosbuvir is an antiviral drug of new generation

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This drug is an inhibitor of RNA-polymerase NS5B. Copying its RNA, Sofosbuvir does not allow the virus to grow and proliferate. Sofosbuvir, in contrast to the older antivirals, valid only at the virus of hepatitis C. This drug prevents the reproduction of the virus in the blood.

to cure chronic hepatitis C to combine Sofosbuvir with other antiviral drugs. Depending on viral genotype, absence or presence of liver lesions, previous treatment, Sofosbuvir combined with Simeprevir, Ribavirin, Daclatasvir, or Interferonom.

treatment is always up individually for each patient. This drug can be taken by patients connected with HIV infection. In order to approach the treatment of hepatitis C correctly, you must know how to take the Sofosbuvir.

Remember: this drug is for monotherapy are not intended to apply it only together with other antiviral drugs. On the market this medicine appeared in 2013, by the Way, you can order on the website:

Sofosbuvir has a number of side effects but unlike other drugs for hepatitis C, treatment with this drug is perfectly tolerated by patients of different ages. Sofosbuvir offers the possibility to reduce the duration of treatment in 2-3 times, thus greatly increasing efficiency.

In the majority of cases this drug helps to remove Interferon from the list of medicines. For a long time, the main drug for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C was Peginterferon, but side effects have led many patients to abandon therapy.

In 2013, the drug was approved in the United States. Then, in the near future, the European Association for the study of liver diseases immediately after successfully passed clinical tests, has taken the drug Sofosbuvir leading cure for hepatitis C.

Initially approved in the complex therapy along with Ribavirin and Peginterferon for the 1st and 4th genotypes, as well as in complex therapy with Ribavirin for 2 and 3 genotype.

in 2014, after the appearance of Ladieswear and Daclatasvir, the need to use Interferon almost completely disappeared. The combination of Daclatasvir or Sofosbuvir Ladieswear with shows unrivaled performance even in liver cirrhosis.

therefore, who added Sofosbuvir to the list of the most important medications.

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