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Four books that are worth reading

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for anybody not a secret that books develop people, making them educated individuals. Reading is a good hobby. These are the books that particularly affect a person's worldview, and we recommend that you read ...


ray Bradbury - dandelion Wine

“dandelion Wine" is a famous product that significantly stands out in the literary works of ray Bradbury, largely due to the fact that in it, the writer describes his experiences, and in General, you can safely call this story the autobiography Bradbury the summer of 1928. In the middle of two brothers Spalding Douglas (12) and Tom (10 years old) living in the fictional town of green town, Illinois. The story consists of events that occurred with his brothers within three months of the summer. After reading it, you will change your mind. By the way, you can and on the website:


Stephen king - the land of opportunities

the Story of a terrible amusement Park, the ghosts and bloody murders will not give you the opportunity to tear my eyes from the book. If you have a good imagination, then by painting the kinds of Joyland, presenting the terrible events unfolding in the book, you won't forget what you see


JD Salinger - the catcher in the rye

At the time, Holden felt and went through and going through what any teenager his age. It seems that the whole world rises against him, that's all there is around - very cold and very heartless. Therefore, it captures this character every new generation all the teenagers, because for them going through such drama. This is understandable, because they find in the experiences of Holden those thoughts and feelings similar to their own.

so those people who read books, much different from those who do not like to read. They are more interesting, you will always find something to talk about with other people. So start doing it right now.

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