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Stethoscope the first stethoscope in chomu difference?

June 14 2016

Scho! Yak nazivayut not tilki those scho preklad likar to the Breasts ABO spins pacta the stethoscope, the stethoscope or the phonendoscope.  And the difference ye.

- - shoplouk lcara about the history of Napoleon Bonaparte - Rene Laennec, that in the year 1816 through vnutry delcatty not SMG prelasti vuho to Breasts horo Molodo duchini, and, dwellers, posaditi , sorom aslist, becoming polohovaci heart I legen garnotii in a tube notes. Marvel - sounds Buli silentii. So narodivsya stethoscope from Gretzky Slu stethos - chest, and skopeo - spostarsi.

I only in the beginning 20 century - mayzhe 100 years, rosiysky hirurg Mikola Sergiyovich Korotkov (same VIN vinilov auscultative method vimiryuvannya TISCO), doskonale Yogo, natknuvshis on rostrum membrane - I called Tsey instrument with a stethoscope.


chomu well the difference mizh stethoscope the first stethoscope?

Through the membrane of the stethoscope is maintained, in the main, vysokochastotnyi sounds (legen, sudini, like - nizkochastotnoi (heart, intestines): nizi Yak bi zaglushit vysokochastotnyi oscillations.

Diaphragm stethoscope W state snigu Gucci vsogo the sound I nizi stout duzhe quiet. Wherein visok chastoty stout good cutie.

Yak bacimo the difference of a stethoscope the first stethoscope W SFER zastosuvannya: the Membrane of the stethoscope, mi slucham visok Tony Leger I Sudin and Dzvony stethoscope - nizk chastoty serca or intestines.

Vdint stethoscope the first stethoscope seen newsbank eye.


Scho need to know about stethoscope the first stethoscope?

the Price for a good phonendoscope varusa from 20 to 200 dollars. More Niska price to talk about the more Nisku quality. By the way, pridbati accne the phonendoscope you can at the Internet MAGAZIN: .

Material head Mauger Buti rsnim - plastics, alumni ABO Narava steel. Best material - good obramleny Narava steel. It's important, dwellers stethoscope slno prelegal to TLA pacta tudi I didn't patrapali air, whether that air wick perform to Strat swooped.

Spolocna tube stethoscope - Chim tovshcha, Tim maintained upstream. And, wenlou tube better, than Gamow Salyut towns make a noise.

Tips gawky buuut EORTC plastikov the m that gumou ABO helw. Druhi, course, better, Yak priesthouse to the formation of the auditory passage koristuvacha.

Metelev tube gawky mozhut Buti z Dan stageyou metalevel spring, that, certainly, pgvisu trust koristuvacha.

Head stetoskopu mozhut Buti adinamii, podvijnymi (Dzvin / membrane), podvijnymi membrannami (diameter / Mali), podvijnymi W grooved head.

moreover, South stetophonendoscope for niemowlat , parenting, molodchogo VCU, and also fetalen stethoscope for watny for prosledovaniya of the fetus.

Translated by "Yandex.Translate": translate.yandex.ru.

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