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Dental implants: what is it?

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Before you can know how is the procedure of implantation, it is necessary to know what dental implants are, what they usually consist of and what is needed.

they Fold in two, we can say the main parts is the implant and the abutment. The implant is a screw, made up entirely of titanium, which, the doctor in the jaw. And the abutment connects the dental prosthesis and the implant.

These 2 parts is a good support for a dental prosthesis, both titanium and therefore safe since titanium does not cause allergies and rejection. Implants are often made by special technology, high quality and excellent cosmetic effect.

Apply a few degrees of surface treatment of screw for better fitting. Screw make rough using a plasma deposition of titanium, or titanium oxide. On the screw are holding a special thread, after which is the strength of the connection, eliminates slacking and feel of a natural tooth.


the Whole process of prosthesis

In the process of prosthetics three stages. For the beginning is implanted in the jaw screw out of titanium and the process of healing. In the second phase, the screw is attached to the abutment. After the process of splicing bone with the implant. The third stage is the manufacture and attach the dental prosthesis to the implant. As a result of new teeth even felt as their own. Such screws can be inserted up to six if the jaw is not left teeth. The procedure takes about one hour, after the surgery, you can safely go home.

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Removable implants

the Use of removable prostheses has always felt awkward and gave hesitation when speaking. To such hard to get used to. Time does not stand still and today dentures are made of the best quality. But, unfortunately, some problems with their wearing not gone. The best replacement of such prostheses can be implanted implants. As at the moment it is the most convenient and reliable method of implantation.


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