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The main methods of correction

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the main correction procedures include:


    a Comprehensive anti-cellulite program (vacuum massage, ultrasound, body wrap) – a set of actions that need to be used in combination for maximum results. They focus on deprivation fat deposits in problem areas, volume reduction, skin tightening, removal of excess fluid. Anti-cellulite program contains a number of contraindications such as cancer, pregnancy, lactose, tromboflebita, skin diseases in the acute stage, allergic reactions to drugs and procedures. will tell you more information on the website:

    Ultrawave massage (problem areas) - hardware methods of influence on the soft tissues to high-frequency sound waves. Ultrasound waves gently massage the muscles and skin, breaking at the same body fat, improves metabolism at the cellular level, removes from the tissues the waste products and excess fluid, the effect of this massage is slow, works perfectly in tandem with vacuum massage and wrap. This is the ideal method in the treatment of all stages of cellulite, ultrasonic waves are absolutely safe for the body, and tend to penetrate deeply into the tissues.

    anti-Cellulite body wrap - a cosmetic procedure which solved the problem of body fat, detoxification, skin tightening. The results are visible from the first session. There are different variations of wraps: hot for problem areas", "cool for problem areas", for "belly" and waist "hand".

     Vacuum massage (preventive “body”) are used in spastic muscles, chronic muscle pain, neurology, and psychological stress. Can be combined with a number of SPA treatments.

    Massage (face, neck, decollete) is an active therapeutic method, the essence of which is from deep penetration of active substances used in the procedure to stimulate muscles, deep lifting, correction of facial contours, deprivation of wrinkles, tightening of the skin. To run as a manual, and various cosmetic devices.


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