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Quality dentistry the key to a brilliant smile

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Each modern dentistry should include different treatments to the person who addressed her, was able to make himself a brilliant smile in all 32 teeth. So is dentistry . So let's find out what it is:



If you have a pathological teeth abrasion, completely or partially destroyed teeth, absence of one or more teeth, or multiple defects of the dentition, then You fit the prosthetics. Modern methods of prosthesis will bring back the smile!



Implantation allows restoring a beautiful view of the dentition, even if You have lost a lot of teeth. When this is fully preserved masticatory function of the tooth and its aesthetic appearance. This dentistry in Kiev to restore your teeth using the modern dental implant techniques!



high-Quality dental clinic must be equipped to conduct safe surgery in the oral cavity. Any operation in this clinic, tooth extraction, or incision is carried out carefully and with the use of anaesthesia.


Children's dentistry

Dentistry for children - a special kind of dentistry that requires a special approach and relationship to the child patient. Visit to the dentist very often turns into "torture" for the child's parents and the child. The only known clinic know how to make this process more enjoyable!


Dentistry for pregnant women

dentistry for pregnant all of the treatments and technologies are provided so as not to cause harm to either the mother or the child. Only specialized clinics will help You painlessly, safely and quickly cure any diseases of the teeth without creating You and Your unborn baby additional stress.


cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic dentistry not only allows you to restore the beautiful appearance of the teeth, but to create a whole new "Hollywood" smile. It is always important to consider individual characteristics of patients and offer the best solutions to restore the beauty of Your teeth.


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