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Most popular designers for children

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Parents who monitor their children, try to introduce your child to the designers as early as possible. Now baby designers are releasing 100s of manufacturers. But what TM, presented on the market the best? Today one of the most popular is due to the low prices and simplicity. And what brands still polzuyutsya populyarnostyu among Ukrainian consumers?



the Name given to Duzkoy company comes from “Leg Godt”, that Danish is translated as “play well". This firm operates since 1949, for all time, the LEGO company has created a unique world of children's designers, as well as amusement parks, competitions, games, movies. Today there is > 100 types of LEGO sets: designers on various subjects, based on the popular cartoons and movies.

the basis of the design is that the plastic colored bricks and small figures of favorite characters, etc. All the sets of LEGO are compatible with each other, respectively having a few different sets, your child can build an Empire. The only "-" of LEGO games – a huge number of fakes. So when buying, be careful.



the Last time the Russian designers of “Expert” is the best designer students. With him the children will learn the basics of electronics, and also will be able to collect > 100 different devices (e.g., radio). The effectiveness of schemes, ease of Assembly (without soldering), safety – designer “Expert” will give the child who is interested in technology and science.


“Mega Bloks”

This Canadian firm produces educational children's designers for children. There are different kits for girls and boys. From the bright, large parts of the child can easily bundle different designs with figures of animals, people, etc. the Letters and numbers on details in the process of making numbers and words. Also very popular models of buildings and machinery from popular children's movies, cartoons and games.

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