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SPA-chairs: key features

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varieties of well-known cosmetic equipment there are so many, but they are all class and functionality differ from each other. For example, now very popular chair class comfort, touring and even business class. Model specifically the last row are characterized by the fact that they have a high cost, but they meet all today's requirements in terms of manufacturability and providing necessary amenities to the client and the master. Today we will briefly discuss the main features of the SPA chairs, which belongs to the business class.


 Unique technology

All models of SPA chairs that belong to the business class is specially designed to carry out SPA treatments and other beauty services, in particular those relating to the pedicure. This equipment must be installed a unique and modern system that provide maximum comfort to every client, as well as those that give the opportunity to combine a few processes at a time. By the way, if you are interested in more information you can read on the website:


Design of seats business class

Form SPA chair gives you the opportunity to save much space, but good quality choice for clients which have any growth and completion. Definitely at the top of the head portion should have a special small pillow, which should be regulated in order to create great comfort to the client. The basis of the equipment is a special material that for a long time it will serve the master and not cause any difficulties directly to care for. Special impregnation to protect it from corrosive substances and various fluids. Not less important role include the armrests and the pockets for the feet. They are adjustable depending on what features of the body each client. Also with the use of such SPA chairs you can simply treat light rays that today is in great demand.


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