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What is dentures?

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Dental prosthesis is characterized in that it has a very long history. For many centuries in search of important solutions to this problem was discovered a lot of ingenuity and special skills. To manufacture artificial teeth used different kind of materials such as ivory and tusks, or teeth, which are withdrawn from the poor patients that were used to replace lost teeth with some very rich people. Much later began to manufacture dentures, mostly made of porcelain and even plastics.


Method of dental implantation: its importance in dentistry

As reported : today, dental implants, teeth in the first place, scientifically sound, meaningful clinical process, which takes the first place in the rehabilitation of the patient with the absence of 1 or several natural teeth. This gives the patient a new quality of life, because the difference between the natural tooth and artificial it almost feels.


what materials are now being manufactured implants?

Now the implants are made of titanium - a is completely safe a bioinert material. Rejection of dental implants often occurs in 0.5-1% of cases and it always depends on the individual characteristics of the human body.


are There any contraindications to dental implantation?

Contraindications to dental implant procedure are minimized. These include pregnancy, because during this period the calcium, which is necessary in order to recover the bones, the body aims at the development of the fetus, and also General exhaustion of the patient in connection with advanced chronic diseases. But even in spite of the most severe clinical cases, modern dentistry has given the opportunity to help the person.

in the absence of a natural tooth, the bone in this area starts to decrease in height and width. Therefore, before implantation of the necessary surgical technique to increase its reduction (resorption).

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