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Medicine in Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece as always, is the abode of the creation of common history of all mankind, so you should not seem strange is the fact that medicine is also back from there. It is now possible to visit the site and buy the drugs you need, as in ancient times in Greece differ-Chali 2 types of medicine: the temple and the secular, but it is possible to emphasize the fact that religion is not so influenced medicine, as in comparison to other countries.

Hippocrates and is considered an outstanding doctor in Greece, as he went to school individual Crafts (Kos). He was then in the family of doctors, namelythis was the reason for such a secret life of the Hippocrates as well, because this craft could only be transmitted from generation to generation and, at the same time doctors secrets no one should know. < br />
Hippocrates more than once tried to gather it all sorts of important IUmedi- cial supervision, and simply bring them into some kind of a conventional system and give them enough logical and philosophical justification. Works that often   attributed to him, were easily grouped and in fairly good condition came to us just as a « Hippocrates ovogo collectionand » in his native Latin same.

Stories of evil spirits or that the disease is only a manifestation of the divine will, Hippocrates and did not believe believed that this   manifestation of the life of the organism itself, while changes are manifested material substrate. Sam Hippocrates believed that drugs should benefit from it and treat a specific disease, which affected human. And it means that the person has to remember is your medicines that can help him decide when the disease visit it again.

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