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Diabetes mellitus: definition and treatment

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the incidence of this disease is growing very rapidly and even out of control - today, children who have reached puberty, already suffering from such forms of this disease, which had previously been sick only people over forty.

Patient with diabetes must control blood sugar levels, as well as to introduce the required dose of insulin (if insulinozawisimaya form of diabetes) or to take different medicines.

Today, medicine can't heal this affliction (1st type of this disease) — offers the only medication that support the patient. However to prevent diabetes mellitus of the 2nd type and even completely get rid of it with a rational balanced diet.

by the Way, in Moscow to consult the specialist about the treatment of diabetes you can at the medical center «Diet Diabetes": . Used here really help and qualitative treatment method of this disease on the basis of a balanced diet.


What is diabetes?

the 1st type of diabetes develops in children and adolescents (this form of the disease has been observed in 5 – 10 per cent of all cases).

the 2nd type of diabetes (this form of the disease is observed in 90 – 95 per cent of all cases), often occurs in people over forty. Though the last time 45 percent of all occurrences of diabetes in children carry it to the 2nd type.

At the beginning of both types of diabetes there is a dysfunction of glucose metabolism. In a healthy person glucose metabolism occurs such as:

  • the Man ate the food;
  • Next food is digested and the carbohydrates that it contains are broken down into simple sugars, most of which is glucose;
  • Next glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream, and the pancreas is in turn produces the hormone insulin, which provides distribution and transportation of glucose in the body;
  • Insulin as the doorman opens the door for glucose to different cells of the body for the performance of its direct functions. 1-on the part of transformirovalsya glucose into energy, which the cell then uses a 2nd — transformirovalsya in fat (energy that will be used in the future).

When a person falls ill on this disease, then the process of glucose metabolism in his body break. Thus, the body of a man who was sick on the 1st type of diabetes cannot generate enough insulin, due to the fact that he destroyed responsible for its production cells of the pancreas.

And the 2nd type of diabetes observed insulin resistance is when the hormone is produced, the truth is not fulfilling its functions. Insulin gives the body orders for the transportation of blood sugar, but he ignores them. As a result, the insulin becomes ineffective, and the metabolism of glucose in the blood is not properly flows.

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