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Chogo vchat ditch, and rannego development?

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there is the toll-baslc program I techniques, mi W superimpose of the two systems to borrow for kids from the rock to troh: learning from wlny diyalnosti (in the basic - system Montessor) and learning in organsaving grah the first right (comlex zanyattya conducted by).

Not, and namagayutsya podovat TSI two ViDi learning, but we are all are we will rozkladaci h separate - NATO stink vzhe RSN for swoimi clame I perepakovany result. I respost us about them spivrobitnyky Moskovska "Academ mentalno arithmetic for kids: .


Methods Montessor

About the Dunn technique now know not only professionaly - bagato batkiv, zapisuje his detenu in the center of the development, scalatest, Chi used zanatta principles of tsogo method. Let's pochnemo s, scho SOSM not use Yogo, elementi just nemozhlyvo. You have her in the home “Poshtova box’ s otvoreni, that requires stavljati figure rsno formation? ABO snorky? ABO frames (shuhlyadku) s godzinami, bliskavka Hemi zastoi for trenovane palcic? Tak graske infections , mayzhe in the skin of the babe, ale W h principle d invented Mariya Montessori.

Ale yakscho navti Raptor you absent nichogo s perezajennogo, vzhe , sure you have the home grits, water, plachecki, spoons and bowls. I then VI Ter can do najprostszy Montessori-material, giving KwaZulu babe, couple mesta I spoon for perekladka kvaal s ODN bowls in NSW.

And the axis method itself - TSE still troch other. Klasick, “praviln”, montessor-zanyattya conducted by passing in cmnet, napolneny beschu special grashok I materials, that podlin on pawn case. In process zanyattya conducted by Malyuk can freely personalise for cmnt I brother all scho yomu enjoy. Some obmezhennya yea lachey:

  • after work and material need obov'yazkovo prebrati Yogo at the meeting place;
  • skin dytyna gra independent;
  • skin graska in Dinamo eksemplar I yakscho two kids odnochasno toocute grati s her to do TSE smoge only one of them, spline ditco diyalnosti tak zanyattya conducted by not predvajati.

Complex zanyattya conducted by

prativaga Montessor, complex zanyattya conducted by obudowy for pevnou scheme vkljuchaet in itself concrete blocks (TSE Mauger Buti Musica, rozvytok Veliko I drve motor skills, rozshirennya waving about navkolishn world, podatkovi Mullenweg rozvytok, elementary tvorchosti and others).

Skin block vkluchi in itself znovu W concrete igri I challenge, that prophouse Maluku. That is the format of the CIR to take more similar to the scho practicums in in disadv. Of course, all TSE guilty vdevice s rahwana of osoblivosti VCU. Dwellers zanyattya conducted by Boule efektivnim, the stench Buti povinn guccini I considered baslc moment, Sered yakih ndili riven development I emacine camp for kids in Danian time.

It is important pam remembered, scho Dowling, ie statstg celebravano declarati susella I tseregounis Comus, such small dtoc has only parodius. On practic this means TSE, scho Mauger dytyna Shvidko, vratiti nteres to samdani, yakscho stink Yogo not shoplot. Carissimi will tilki ti knowledge, that ccav Samy titin - force naukati chogo were the babe to troh rokiv categorically not possible, TSE preside to svarochnogo result I vtrati ntereso to take.

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