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Why breast cancer is getting younger, and how to protect yourself from this disease?

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a Lot of harm caused to their health by the women themselves. It is the abuse of alcohol, Smoking, overweight, sedentary lifestyle (enough daily one hour walk, to reduce the risk of Contracting breast cancer twice), chronic stress and fatigue, irregular and so-called “free” sexual life, which leads to inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system. And this, in turn, leads to disruption of hormonal regulation, abortion, uncontrolled intake of contraceptives. Therefore, primary prevention of breast cancer is healthy lifestyle. Secondary prevention is regular inspections of the breast.

Today, we talked to the employee , and he answered the most important questions that relate to breast cancer.


How often should I inspect women's Breasts?

first, breast self-exam women should do monthly. Secondly, the medical examination mammalogy 1 time in 6 months. The passage mammography women after 40 years 1 time per year. Breast ultrasound all age groups 1 time per 6 months.

Regular mammography screening for women after 40 years (mammography screening) in developed countries has reduced the mortality from breast cancer by 30%. If women regularly undergo a mammogram annually could save a great many lives.


does breast on the occurrence of breast cancer?

Distinguish between diffuse and focal mastopathy. The greatest tendency to degeneration is focal disease of the breast, therefore, these forms of the disease subject to surgical treatment. Diffuse mastopathy occur due to hormonal imbalance in the body and with proper treatment are reversible.


is it Possible to treat breast cancer without surgery?

unfortunately, the surgical method is the main treatment of breast cancer, but the tumor is found in the early stages allows a minimum operation and leave the mammary gland. There are also cases of breast cancer, which after surgery does not require chemotherapy. Today being actively developed and introduced in practice of treatment of new drugs that will be aiming to act on a cancer cell (targeted drugs).

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