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Roman blinds: design and types

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the Romance (Roman) curtains are 1 of the varieties of curtains with the office (there is also Austrian and Japanese). The distinctive feature of these curtains is smooth deep folds formed during the rise. Roman blinds are often used on the 1st window together with classic curtains. In this case, Roman shades are used as a “blackout” element, and classic for decoration of the window opening.

Roman curtains is not difficult to distinguish from other curtains in smooth folds (width 20 - 30 cm), appear directly in the raised position. And when folded, horizontal pleats of these curtains going from the top of the window opening, while hanging 1 over 2nd. And deflated the horizontal folds of these curtains completely disappear and the canvas that can be dense enough or illusory transparent, looks like a completely flat plane. By the way, you can buy in the online store:

the mystery of the Roman blinds is wooden slats (the slats) which are attached to the curtains from the inside. Directly when you pick up the blade, the incremental fit slats to form on the canvas the perfect wall. For lifting and lowering Roman blinds are the cords that are reserved to the right or to the left and passed through rings on the back of the curtains.

today, a Roman shade looks very current and stylish, while she conquered the real connoisseurs of elegance even during the Holy Roman Empire. Now you don't have to prove that the interior is presentable office, restaurant, hall or the same residential home can greatly benefit from the use of Roman blinds.

the Uniqueness of these products lies in the fact that a Roman blind allows you to realize any design plans. You can mount it on the wall, which is distant from the vertical position and placed in any window opening or niche. Blackout Roman curtains that do not let light in the room, perfect for fans of fun home movie. And if the person is a connoisseur of the atmosphere of summer and a Sunny aura, he will satisfy the Roman blinds are made of thin fabrics.

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