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Gastal: pharmacological effects and indications for its use

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This drug as Gastal reduces a large level of acidity of gastric juice, and also resolves all attendees indigestion. This drug may inhibit the action of pepsin, lecithin and bile acids and promotes healing of ulcers of the stomach during fast time.

Gastal after application protects the mucosa from different negative factors (this stimulates the secretion of mucus, epidermal growth factor, and increases the amount of phospholipids, etc.). The action of this drug always comes immediately after its administration and lasts up to two hours. The drug is generally not absorbed inside the walls, but rather excreted in the feces.


Indications Gustav

According to many indications for Gastelu, it is usually prescribed to take in such diseases as gastritis (when hyperacidity), ulcers, frequent heartburn, reflux esophagitis, erosion of the gastric mucosa, etc. Indications for Gastelu consider and prophylaxis of peptic ulcer disease.


usage instructions

As stated , these tablets should dissolve in the mouth. Adults should use 1-2 tablets six times over 24 hours. In any case, do not take more than eight tablets (this is for 24 hours). Often the course of treatment is around 14 days. Heartburn this remedy administered in ordinary doses, but its use is not dependent on how you take food. For children this drug prescribed from 6 years half the adult dose, and in 12 years you can apply already completely full dose.


are There any side effects to this drug?

the user of such a drug as Gastal stated that it can sometimes cause vomiting, change of taste, can produce diarrhea or constipation, but very rarely-allergic.

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