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The Foundation is the most important element of the bed

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As you think about what side of the bed people often forget? It would not be weird is the Foundation. When you purchase the bed people mainly pay attention directly on the design. The base is invisible from the outside part of the bed that is designed specifically for the comfort of man.

Earlier, instead of the grounds used plywood, plain Board, particle Board. On similar frames mattresses fairly quickly lose their own shape: exercise and caking.

Modern made of metal, wood and plastic. The main "+" such grounds are durability and strength. The most popular are a base rack, but the truth is, their surface is uneven and, accordingly, they are harmful to the human spine.

Today, more popular are the base with orthopedic effect, which is made of wood. They are often inserted into the bed frame, they provide excellent ergonomics (i.e., the correct position of the human body during sleep).


Main "+" orthopedic Foundation:

  • Environmental safety. Wood and metal, unlike synthetic materials at room temperature do not emit any harmful substances, and the natural elasticity of the wood just can't compare with the plastic;
  • Durability strength. Orthopedic Foundation certainly lasts longer than usual. Also it has great durability and with uniform distribution of load prolongs the term of exploitation of an orthopedic mattress;
  • Free access of air. Grid design orthopedic Foundation ensures free access of air directly to the mattress, which is very important. What mattress will be better provetrivaema, the less it will start harmful germs and the less dust accumulates. This means that ‘life” of the mattress depends on the free circulation of air;
  • Versatility. If you need to make the base of the bed is more rigid, you can attach additional slats to its contour in the lumbar region. By the way, many manufacturers for this purpose, leave free space directly in the grid.

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