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every day taking food, he enriches your body with a certain degree of proteins, carbohydrates, fats. The process of processing is converted into a chain reaction, the intermediate and the final result is the formation of free radicals. To improve their binding and output in medical practice, use of substances and preparations with a pronounced antioxidant effect, in particular .

the Nature and functions

From the point of view of chemistry, ubiquinol is one of the redox forms of coenzyme or coenzyme Q10. Along with the other two (ubiquinone, semifinala), the processes involved in normalization of cellular metabolism. Biochemistry examines the Ubiquinol, as a key link in the chain of etc (electron transport and phosphorylation. Through them, he takes part in the process of ATP synthesis, increases the antioxidant properties of vitamin E.

the Maximum concentration of this form of the coenzyme is observed in tissues and organs with high energy metabolism, particularly tissue of the heart muscle, liver, blood plasma. Therefore, in medical practice preparations on the basis of ubiquinol is prescribed in severe cellular energy deficiency or the effects of free radicals. An example is intestinal dysbiosis, ulcers, diseases of gynecological.

Main functions or properties of the coenzyme are:

  • normalization of oxidative processes in the body;
  • the
  • recovery of the blood and epithelial sheaths;
  • the
  • support for the respiratory chain of cells (ETTS);
  • the
  • normalization and regulation of the properties of cellular and biological membranes, etc.

the Value for the body

the Drugs, in which ubiquinol contains as a main active ingredient, can be used for intramuscular injection or as a biologically active additive to food diet. They are primarily valued due to its antioxidant and energomashinostroitelny qualities. In addition, the coenzymes have a positive impact on the condition and function of the cardiovascular system, reduce symptoms of individual disease groups (edema, dyspnea). The course of disease and restoration of function of the affected organ is, of course, do not affect, but for it to be easier. In addition, containing ubiquinone drugs are often prescribed during the rehabilitation period to restore energy balance and vitality.

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