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Multistage treatment for drug addiction

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drug Treatment in many clinics ends with detoxification. But after only a few days after discharge, the patient again takes the substances and their level in the body is restored, leads to the breaking and the renewal of traction. But in the centre of the “Hand-aid” things are very different. Detoxification is only one phase of the whole program, and treatment is complex.

the Right approach

it is Important not just to cure the medication applied, but also to find out the factors that influenced its gradual degradation. It can be family problems, bereavement and other reasons. Upon admission to the Kharkiv centre for the communication with the specialist, it turns out the support is participation. The patient can trust and understand that it will work in a team.

Now, it turns out not only the psychological state of applicants, but also physiological. Check the health of organs, systems, tests. If you need treatment, the removal of pain, then it is at the maximum level. Removed breaking, pain, symptomatic manifestations, etc. Already at this stage comes significant relief, but there are also detoxification. Substances and their residues excreted through medications, IVS.


the clinic has a team of experts and experienced psychologists. They work together with the patient from beginning to end, knowing its history, psychological problems, the causes that led to the disease. The patient himself begins to not only want to fight, but to participate in the treatment program. The course "12 steps" from includes training sessions with groups of patients. So they can share their stories and help to feel the support.

After passing the main stages the following stage of treatment — resocialization. A return of the patient in society, providing opportunities not just to live, but to do anything. Former patient again begins to work, to learn and to be a member of the society. Curation of the patient is carried out continuously, even when he is not in the center. Therefore, he feels support, professional support from the medical center. Therefore, a comprehensive treatment and patronage becomes more effective.

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