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What to see in Essentuki?

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Today we will talk about the resort town of Essentuki and tell us about this officer : Essentuki is a city whose name is familiar to all who had to buy mineral water of the same name. Essentuki is quite a lovely city that is very similar to the provincial resort in the Soviet times. You ask, and why is it provincial? Yes, because he is very calm, quiet and comfortable. Around here a homely atmosphere. First and foremost, Yessentuki famous for its healing mineral sources from which to extract water and sell in all supermarkets.

One of the main attractions of Yessentuki is medical Park. When it was exactly founded is unknown, but the beginning of its birth is considered the beginning of the 20th century. Moreover, he was miraculously preserved till our days in its original form. This Park has a fairly large area (approximately 51 hectares). It is therefore simply not realistic to discover all of this beauty on foot. The Park has > 90 varieties of various trees and shrubs, brought to the Park from around the world. Medical Park is the oldest part of Yessentuki. Its territory is the main part of the bathrooms and drinking facilities.

In 1890, this area was like the Moscow doctor F. P. Haase, who came here not just so, and with the aim of exploring local waters. He made a discovery that played in the fate of Essentuki the crucial role of local water recognized mineral. The source that he explored was named Catherine. Since then, the Park infrastructure began to develop. Here was built a huge number of stalls and everyone could buy a silver souvenir. And in 1990, the Park posroili shopping gallery. In Soviet times the Park had a maximum flourishing, but its development at the same time he didn't stop. Yessentuki Park is not only a storehouse of curative mineral springs, but also a place with fresh, amazing fresh, fresh air.

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