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"Thor's hammer" - a new drug for strengthening of potency

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"Hammer of Thor" - a universal remedy, which was created according to the recipe of the ancient Vikings. The drug has passed numerous clinical research and confirmed its own high efficiency. He was able to regain the confidence and virility of an army of men around the world. By the way, can be purchased on the website:

Special combination of incoming components drops affects metabolism, which stimulates self-production of the hormone testosterone, thereby increasing its content in the blood of men to the required level. The use of these drops increases sexual desire and orgasm as a whole, significantly prolongs sex, stimulates the immune system, strengthens the erection, increases stamina, improves overall health, relieves physical and mental fatigue.


When should I use this medicine?

"Hammer of Thor" recommends:

  • premature ejaculation;
  • intense sports activities;
  • the weakening of erection;
  • stress;
  • inability to have sex very often;
  • a low number and sperm quality;
  • strong feelings;
  • mental and physical exhaustion.

the secret of the "Thor's Hammer"

the Whole secret of this drug is directly in its composition, which includes:

  • Invertebrates of Littorina (extractor). Self-stimulates the body's production of male hormone testosterone;
  • North moss (extract). Helps to restore full blood flow in the genitals;
  • Antarctic krill (extract). Regulates the permeability of the pulses, as well as testosterone production;
  • monkfish Liver (extractor). Complementary deficiency of zinc in the body men, which is extremely important for the production of testosterone.


"Hammer of Thor" you need to eat for 5 - 15 days, from 3 to 5 drops orally (on the tongue). A positive effect can be seen already on the 5th day of use. Then will have to do a five-day break, and then repeat the course of treatment.

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