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The license for medical activity: how to?

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in Order successfully to obtain a medical license is required, together with the constituent documents the applicant provided to the licensing authority:

  • the documents confirming the right of ownership of the premises, where it will undergo his medical activities (this includes as sublease and lease, and property);
  • the documents, which confirm the presence of work equipment (tools, equipment, etc.) to provide honey. services (this equipment can be either new - under warranty, or examined by experts, who found him fit for use);
  • the documents confirming the qualification of the employees-nurses and doctors included in the medical institutions, which will directly provide the claimed medical services (they provide a diploma-certificate of residency or internship, if available - the diploma of prof. retraining, as well as a valid certificate of a specialist).

under Federal law, a decision on issuing a license to accept in the period of 45 days.

in addition, licensees should also keep in mind that there are also intermediate stages permits, as well as findings in other services, unrelated to the licensing agencies. For example, in a mandatory manner to the licensing authority must grant the conclusion of the CPS as to whether the claimed premises with the rules and regulations for the implementation of med. activities. Also, depending on the specific activity you may need more solutions and other services.

the licensing process even at the stage of selection, and document preparation able to take a lot of energy and time. Because quality honey. services were and still are very much in demand, modern market dictates very stringent conditions. That is why, if you don't know all the legal niceties or do not have enough free time, then you can order the design of medical licenses and you will receive the coveted license in the shortest possible time.

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