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How is a woman to keep youth after forty?

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for 40 years – a woman's age? And quite unnecessary! This saying was relevant to our grandmothers and their mothers. In their time women, toiling at hard labour, and they have not been able to spare time for yourself, as a result, in forty years they really have had a view of the elderly. And today you look at the current forty-year “girls”: they and fitness walking, in night clubs, and look like a twenty year old student.

But whatever it was, time it is impossible to cheat: getting wrinkles, and she's in a panic he starts to run in different shops looking for the same “magic” cream.


How to keep youth women for 40 years?

do Not panic and do not rush to spend your hard-earned money on dubious means! It is best to make personal skin care products.
Basic rules of skin care

  1. the Skin should be cleaned twice a day (evening and morning). Immediately after cleaning, apply to face and neck nourishing cream (night) or moisturizer (in the morning). Thus, in day cream should be SPF-filters. To clean this use not only water but also special mousses, gels, foams, cream or milk;
  2. necessarily have to engage in physical exercises and comply with diet and sleep;
  3. Buy a pharmacy drugs Golden root, ginseng, Chinese Magnolia, or Siberian ginseng, and take it;
  4. Constantly pamper your skin with nutrient masks and alternate them with bio-masks;
  5. do Not skimp on visiting beauty salons, and in between to do self-massage: with light tapping movements of the fingers 2 island times a day while applying the cream.

Experts recommend that women over forty every month to undergo a ten-day course the use of creams with bioactive components and hormones. Also need another and a course of hardware cosmetology.

1-in once a week for the skin to do a contrast (cold-hot) compresses, using them for preparation of various medicinal herbs (calendula, chamomile, violet). Such compresses will strengthen the fabric will give your skin a younger, more lively appearance.

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