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Why forehead wrinkles?

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just before start the fight with deep forehead wrinkles, you need to remember how often to Express emotions using the facial expressions and learn to control it. Unfortunately, from the problem it will not help you to get rid of, but can prevent the development of deep wrinkles. All the creases on the face is a direct consequence of the weakening of the collagen fibers. This is particularly evident on the forehead and brow area, because the tissue in these areas very quickly lose their elasticity. By the way, to read about you on the website


Main causes of wrinkles:

  • Forgot to put sunglasses. Our sun is able to give as wonderful mood and an excellent tan, and wrinkles. When a person squints, the muscles of his face on the machine to strain, causing tissue to lose elasticity and become deformed. That is why, sunglasses need to carry always. They will protect your eyes from negative effects of UV rays and also will keep smooth the skin of your face;
  • No control of their own expressions. The man laughs, surprised, worried, alarming, and displays it all directly on his face. Opportunities all the time to pay attention to how this changes your facial expression there, but still worth to try. So, if during concentrated work your forehead will be furrowed, and he will be the main reason for the formation of wrinkles between the eyebrows. In order to get rid of this bad habits the 1st time you need to control your facial expressions and relax the muscles of your face. Because of this you not only save yourself a lot of wrinkles, but also make the face more friendly to others;
  • the Use of a huge number of decorative cosmetics. Many powders and creams pollute your pores than does not allow the skin to breathe. Eventually, the person will be a very long time to think of how even at a young age to remove forehead wrinkles. If a person has problematic skin and a very common rash on the forehead, then before you apply makeup, you must use moisturizer (natural lotions or oils), and then apply the BB cream can hide all the flaws and does not clog the pores;
  • an age Factor. How would a person not want to, but over time, the skin loses its elasticity. So, after thirty years, virtually 100 % of women's wrinkles. In order to postpone the day when the skin begins to lose elasticity, it is necessary to do regular scrubbing and exfoliation of the face. This will help not just to improve skin condition and also will prolong her youth.

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