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Stimulation of ovulation with Klostilbegit

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Now it is often the case when women (20-35 years old - reproductive age) did not come ovulation, or they are very rare. As a result, a woman can not get pregnant. Gynecologist, by diagnosing this pathology, in order to solve the problem of infertility may designate .

Stimulation of ovulation is 1 of the most advanced techniques of modern reproductive treatment. Thanks to this procedure, the woman significantly increases the probability of getting pregnant, but unfortunately, this method is not for everyone.



When the 1st of the schemes stimulate ovulation the drugs of the directed action, that contribute to the development of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus huge number of hormones that have a direct effect on the ovaries. So, for such medicinal drugs include "Clostilbegyt".

Stimulation of ovulation with the help of "Clostilbegyt" start from the 2nd or 3rd day since the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Take this medicine for 5 days (every day on the 1st tab. - 50 mg). After 7 days from the beginning of the menstrual cycle do gynecological ultrasound with the aim of detecting ovulation and the thickening of the endometrium 8-10 mm (average) and evidence of growth (22-25 mm) of the dominant follicle.

Directly after the maturation of the follicle (this occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle) are injected "Pregna" by which a Mature egg somewhere after 24 hours, leaves the follicle, i.e., the process of ovulation. The next 2 days from now is the most favorable for conception.

On a 16 or 17 day neposredsvenno after the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the woman credited with drugs that contain progesterone: "cough medicine", "antiseptic" or injection of "Progesterone" recommended for acceptance for 14 days from the start of ovulation. At the end of the term of reception of these preparations it is necessary to take a blood test for HCG and also do a pregnancy test.

After ovulation in this drug as "Clostilbegyt", at conception significantly increases the risk of miscarriage as a result of poor fixation of the egg, which was fertilized, directly to the uterine wall.

in Order to prevent this complication, during all drug therapy should be using ultrasound to monitor the thickness of the endometrium and take estrogen products ("Proginova, Microfollin").

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