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Breast cyst: what is it?

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a Cyst of the breast is called a cavity filled with fluid. This pathology is very common in women from 35 to 55 years old who have not yet given birth. Breast cyst sozdaetsya from the lobules of the mammary glands or milk ducts, and sometimes a group or single.

Often, while breast cyst reaches a very large size for a possible probing - it will be quite difficult to identify.

Symptom of cysts of the breast is often very palpable pain directly in the prostate during menstruation. Sometimes a cyst may attain enormous sizes and, as a result, is able to alter the shape of the breast.
according to statistics: there is no urgent need for surgical operations 100 % of all patients having the disease. But there are also absolute indications for removal of cysts by surgery and that is: vospaleniya informed of the cyst, which was filled directly after triple biopsy, papillomatous growths in the lumen of the cyst, suspected oncologia breast directly in the wall of the cyst. By the way, if you have , then all the information about this operation, you can read on the website



Therapy of this pathology can carry 2 ways:

  • Conservative. It involves the therapy of the hormonal shifts that directly caused the appearance of cysts;
  • Surgical. It is nothing but the removal of the portion of the breast that contains the cyst.

can the cyst will appear again?

If not treated, the cyst may reoccur even after surgery. It can occur in other areas of the same breast or in the opposite direction.


Heavy do this operation?

Women who have undergone this surgery say that the fears immediately before the surgical intervention do not correspond to the relative ease of the postoperative period. The whole point is that any post-operative period is almost painless, and the surgery is considered to be 1 of the most very well tolerated in the field of breast surgery.


are There any serious cosmetic consequences after the operation?

In the case of correct execution of the surgical intervention, observing all the principles of plastic surgery - this surgery is almost not leave any visible traces directly on the body of the patient.

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