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That involves furniture?

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dry cleaning of upholstered furniture include the cleaning of: sofas, armchairs, mattresses and chairs. The service is based directly on the technology of wet dry cleaning, during which the applied effective stain removers and cleaning products foreign production, as well as modern equipment. By the way, in Kiev inexpensive and can be enjoyed in a cleaning company i-Clean.


Stages of wet cleaning:

  1. the Vacuum cleaning of upholstered furniture with a dry vacuum cleaner;
  2. the Pre-testing upholstery. A detailed examination of soft furniture, conducted in order to identify the most suitable stain removers and cleaning products. Identifying the effect of the chemical. cleaning solutions and moisture to fabric surface of the furniture. Doing testing on a small area of the upholstery in some inconspicuous place. Self-testing gives you the opportunity to find out will not cause any cleaning chemical. substance changes structure and color of the upholstery;
  3. Immediate processing of upholstered furniture cleaning chemical. means. On  furniture is special. solution. In order to provide a more efficient separation of dirt from the upholstery fabric, the wet surface of the furniture with clean sponge or a soft brush;
  4. Next  upholstery and remove the cleaning chemical. substances and dirt. For this fabric the surface of the furniture washed with water simultaneously apply suction water chemical. tools and dirt with the help of extraction machines. In the case of the 1st times will be removed all the stains (contamination)  difficult stains treated with stain remover, then removing the chemicals and impurities using extraction machine. With a wet cleaning upholstered furniture are destroyed harmful ticks saprophyte on the surface of upholstered furniture and inside of it;
  5. the final stage wet-dry cleaning is cleaning with water, removing the cleaning solution and dirt, leaching, which, in turn, protects the client from allergies to the chemical. stuff plus the furniture from further rapid contamination.
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