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Lower back pain and back during pregnancy

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Almost 50% of all women . Often this is directly related to the weakening of the muscles on the stomach in consequence of their distension, and an increase in the load on the spine. Often, this pain occurs somewhere after 5 months of pregnancy and decreases or goes directly after birth. Sometimes this pain “gives” in the leg, going directly after prolonged standing, sitting in an awkward position, exercise, or a long walk. Pain in the sacral longitudinal joints and pubis (symphysis) due to a mild softening of the ligaments that is caused by production of the hormone relaxin, as well as hormonal changes.


How to deal with it?

to Remove pain back directly from your a rich in calcium diet, in which there is a huge amount of fish, greens, nuts, meat and dairy products. If the pain in the pelvic bones and lower back to bother the woman regularly, then you need to take lactate or calcium carbonate. Also pregnant women need to avoid movements that increase the load on their backs.

For a dream it is necessary to choose flexible, semi-rigid orthopedic mattress. The pillow need to buy the medium size, what the best choice is a product anatomically shaped, taking into account probnye the curves of the human spine. You must wear comfortable shoes with enough sustainable, and low heel. Indispensable, of course, are of different physical exercises that strengthen the muscles of the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and back (ideal choice would be: Aqua-aerobics, swimming and aerobics).



all Kinds of neurological diseases (lumbar radiculitis and disc herniation), also may be a source of back pain. Here therapy includes: physical therapy, a brace or soft corset, bed rest, rare — the use of painkillers medicines. Gait disturbance for a couple of prolonged pain in pubic area there are signs of simpatie. In this case, therapy spends in hospital and the whole pregnancy takes place directly under close medical supervision.



When pain in the lower back accompanied by also increased urination, increased arterial davlenija and temperature, edema, headache, and the urine itself thus becomes turbid and changes its color, then most likely the woman diseased kidneys (often talking about pyelonephritis).

Intense cramping, sharp pain that accompanied by problems with urination, can speak about issues such as renal colic, which occurs directly in urolithiasis. For the treatment of kidney stone disease using painkillers and antispasmodics. In the future, it is necessary to determine the composition of the stones (by the way, there are a few types) and adjust the diet as well as the treatment itself.

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