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What kind of disease cures andrology and what this doctor is different from a sex therapist or urologist? Until recently a purely ‘male doctor” was a urologist. Men spoke directly to the specialist at the first signs of prostatitis, diseases of the urinary organs, and to improve erectile function.

For example, a sexologist, based on its comprehensive knowledge in the areas of neurology, endocrinology, urology, psychology and psychiatry solves various sexual disorders and identify the causes of frigidity, impotence, and infertility (both female and male).

in short, the andrologist is a doctor who do treatment of disorders of the reproductive and sexual functions, but especially for men (more details about who you can read on the website

I Must say that andrology is a wider field of medicine that aims at a profound study of the physiology of male sexual sphere diseases and methods of their therapy and also male anatomy.


What pathology treats andrologist?

This specialist treats diseases such as:

  • sexual disorders
  • decreased libido;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • cosmetic defects of the genitals;
  • congenital underdevelopment of sexual glands;
  • radiation injury of the gonads;
  • male obesity and infertility;
  • solves any intimate problems in men, and also problems psychological, sexual, fiziologicheskogo aging and male contraception.

Timely access to services will help to overcome the physiological menopause, which in men, often occurs in 50-55 years. Although it is not as pronounced as female menopause, but it delivers much more issues: atrophied function fertilization occurs the hormonal status changes, fades the glands internal. secretion, the man feels that he is aging.

in addition, androlog also heals and pathologic menopause, which is caused by atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension is able to occur in men even in middle age.

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