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Prostatitis: to what doctor to address?

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inflammation of the prostate gland is quite a serious disease. The appearance of 1st symptoms of prostatitis better seek help. But ? Due to the fact that many men do not know who to turn to with this problem, they begin to self-medicate.


Self-treatment in this situation is strictly contraindicated and there are a number of reasons:

  • Patient is unable to establish the correct diagnosis on your own;
  • will be installed If not accurate diagnosis, then the patient runs the risk to pick the wrong therapy, which in turn leads to a transition of prostatitis to a chronic form, as well as many other complications.

that is why it is critical to know what kind of doctor treats prostatitis.

Remember: even if you have no idea about your illness, you may come to registration, in 2 words to describe your problem and you will recommend the doctor and will write to him.


Professionals who treat prostatitis

we will No longer torment you, remember for prostatitis, the 1st step should be to contact a urologist. This doctor will examine you, will direct the tests and on their results will be able to put the CORRECT diagnosis. If possible to consult a doctor-urologist not, then you can make an appointment with the surgeon or physician.
Next it is very important to visit a doctor-a physiotherapist who will prescribe the necessary procedures for treatment of prostatitis (magnetic field, laser therapy, ultrasound). Often goes untreated prostatitis spills over into the chronic form of healing in which it will be very difficult. In this condition should go to the doctor-the immunologist, since exacerbations often occur in disorders of the immune system. The doctor will select medications to improve the body's defenses and strengthen the immune system.

an Important role in the treatment of prostatitis plays and mental emotional health of the patient – from them depends directly on the effectiveness of treatment. Those men who are no strangers to the inflammation of the prostate, become very sensitive and anxious, plus everything else and are unsure of their "masculine" power. This problem is very difficult to discuss with your loved ones, that is why the support and advice of a therapist would be quite superfluous.

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