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Oncology: the patient feels that cancer before death?

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the Duration of the life of every patient on the cancer individual. Just before his death so the cancer spreads in the human body that simply becomes uncontrollable. In this case, doctors often think the treatment is useless. But patient care continues, though the emphasis is on improving the quality of life and the main objective is max relief his last days of life.

the administration of drugs and therapies aimed at controlling pain and other symptoms of end of life. The patient himself and his relatives often want to know how much time he has left to live. To give a precise answer to this question is very difficult. When cancer life expectancy before death depends on several nuances, including the location of the malignant tumor, its type, related diseases and their influence on the situation.


Signs, symptoms, and feelings of cancer before death

no One knows how people will hold their , liver or any other organ. But whatever it was, the people who care for the dying, should know exactly what physical difficulties he is experiencing. Guardian should be alert to the emergence of some unusual symptoms in order to immediately consult a specialist and to alleviate the suffering of the dying. Emergency situations include:

  • increased pain that does not recede even after taking medicines;
  • the feeling of dying such symptoms as vomiting, nausea, uncontrollable condition (severe restlessness or anxiety);
  • inability to empty the bowels or to urinate;
  • breathing problems and the presence of discomfort, which expressed a strong moan or grimaces of pain;
  • depressed dying, reaching even to the themes of suicide.

What it feels like to die from cancer before she died?

with Symptoms which exactly talk about the approaching death of the patient cancer are:

  • Loss of interest in things that previously held the patient (Pets, conversations with friends, TV show, hobby, etc ... );
  • Focusing on the last weeks of his life, forgetting all the previous ones. This does not mean that the patient is depressed. This situation may well point to a decrease in the level of oxygen or blood flow in the brain, plus the psychological preparation of the dying for the coming of death;
  • Increased drowsiness, and confusion immediately after waking up.

Signs of approaching death cancer, to which we must be ready the guardian or relatives:

  • Increases fatigue and weakness;
  • not wanting to be alone and extreme anxiety (the person who cares for cancer patients, it is better to dwell close to the dying to help him in the regular bouts of despair or panic;
  • increases the pain and becomes difficult controlled (in this case, can help well-chosen medications, plus various relaxation techniques, particularly massage);
  • there is a loss of appetite. This is due to the fact that immediately after the destruction of the body malignant cancer, the human body needs in a much smaller quantity of food. As a result, the body pitesa to save energy that is spent digesting food. Also it is connected with impossibility of normal funktsionirovania digestive system;
  • Sometimes patients tell you about what I see umershih previously relatives or talking with them. Cancer patients just before death is very often talk about radiating light, breathtaking trip, butterflies, and other symbols hidden from prying eyes.

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