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To lose 5 kg in 7 days!

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In anticipation of spring and also summer season many women and men also start to think about how to lose weight. Once a person recognizes that his weight has exceeded the "norm", he instantly wants to fix the situation – urgently to lose weight (up to 5 kg per week), and the sooner the better. Some people will say: "And frolicked it really 7 days to lose 5 pounds?!". Yes it's real! It turns out that there are many methods of achieving this, by the way, to read about you on the website Next, we consider the basic rules of weight loss in 7 days


Rules of weight loss

choosing a good diet is only 50% successful in the process of weight loss. The 1st and foremost, it is important to perform is common to any diet rules, without which you are unlikely to feel pride in themselves and be happy with your own reflection in the mirror. These rules are:

  • do not eat sweets, chips, fatty and fried foods, flour, canned food, prepared food and do not drink carbonated, sweet beverages;
  • last time you eat not later than 4 hours before bedtime;
  • drink < 2 litres of water a day;   
  • chew your food slowly and eat small portions;
  • each morning, monitor your weight, because when you see the arrow (numbers) on the scales indicates that the work done was not in vain - it is an incentive to continue in the same spirit (only without fanaticism - it is not necessary to put on the scales every 30 min);
  • regularly take vitamins because it helps your body is much easier to carry less weight during the diet;   
  • eat only when the signal of hunger will be filed by the stomach and not the brain (i.e. when it comes to physiological hunger and not psychological).

These rules are well-known and very simple and will be perfect if you stick to them every day - in this case, the problem of excess weight you simply won't bother, and the question of how to lose 5 kg for 7 days did not arise.

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