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Autoclave: what is it and why is it needed?

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people love a real homemade food. And while some people are eating harmful fast food, others are gradually moving from purely natural food. Especially red comes to canned goods. Today the food industry to preferential majority of the chemical, not the food. Adding different flavors, colors and preservatives – and how all these "benefits" to feel and to discern the true taste of a specific product?

How to get out of this situation? The answer is simple - to make homemade preserves. But  antiquated methods are very difficult and take a lot of time. But, back in the 1960s the city of the last century all progressive Cristiani started to exploit the invention as a makeshift autoclave.


the Principle of operation of autoclave

the Idea was borrowed in the food industry of the time. The principle of operation is very simple - at elevated pressure shifts from 100 to 125 degree Celsius boiling point of water. All the nutrients remain in the Bank, and do not evaporate with the moisture. Another important point is an improved sterilization, since all harmful bacteria are completely killed. On this basis, today, autoclaves are also used in cosmetics and medicine for sterilization of instruments. By the way, buy tools online store

the Device operates in such a way – put in a container make sure that rolled banks with a specific natural product, the lid on the jar tightly closed and pumped to 1.8 ATM pressure. Previously the autoclave is put in an electric or gas stove. Then, temperatures rise to 120 degrees and it is constantly podderzhivaetsya. The time of holding of the autoclave depends on the fire neposredsvenno from the product that are inside banks. After time, the autoclave is cooled down, all the banks are removed from him, well, in principle homemade preserves are ready.


Benefits of a home autoclave:

  • Sotho natural products in conservation (without the “chemistry”);
  • the preservation Process is much faster than traditional rolling-boil;
  • Canned food come out very tasty. As we say "cooking-made".

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