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Why it is necessary to regularly go to the dentist?

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If you do not have a toothache, unfortunately, it is not a guarantee of lack of problems with your teeth. No pain in the mouth doesn't mean your teeth are perfect condition. To detect various diseases of the oral cavity in time, and also to eliminate the existing problem can only be regularly visiting the dentist.

unfortunately, many of us are very irresponsible and not take care of teeth and overall oral cavity. Ignoring the prevention of dental disease and the whole oral cavity, the person exposes themselves of the opportunity to face very serious disease and even tooth loss.



Regular brushing with the use of dental floss and brush — is a necessary and most important preventive procedure. In the end, after brushing removes food debris from interdental spaces that can facilitate the emergence of harmful bacteria that cause the appearance of plaque — the main causes of destruction of enamel and appearance of Tartar.

But especially the 1st tooth brushing is not always enough in order to maintain the health of the oral cavity. Because even of violations of various kinds in the body and in metabolism, in particular, can cause a gradual destruction of the tooth.

unfortunately, recognize caries themselves still in the early stages is quite difficult. The thinning of the tooth enamel can be seen only with special. equipment, without which the development of the disease tells us only the appearance of sensitivity to hot and cold, and pain. In turn, regular visits to the dentist allows time to see the possible problems with the teeth, in order to prevent the disease in the early stages of its development.


How often should postCat dentist?

Frequency of visits to the dentist depends on the condition of the teeth of a particular person. In the absence of disturbing symptoms, the teeth need to be examined 2 island times a year. But if a person has certain diseases of the oral cavity, for example, caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, then to visit the dentist every 2-3 months.


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