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Helminth infection: What pills are most effective?

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Today there are about 250 species of worms that can parasitize in Ceaucescu the body. Therapy of different forms of helminthiasis is different, that is why if you suspect worm infestation, then it is better to consult a doctor who will select the most suitable in your case the drug.

Modern drugs from worms to humans have become much safer, but they should take only for medicinal purposes, due to the fact that their active ingredients are toxic.


Worms vs children

the Level of infection of worms, the highest in children of younger school and preschool age. A bright symptom of helminth infection in children is a change in behavior. As a result, the child may cry and be aggressive. And the deterioration of health leads to moodiness and sluggishness.

the children that go to elementary school or kindergarten, worms can identify for a medical professional examination. In this case, the drug selected by the doctor-pediatrician and reports about the illness of the child's parents.

– toxic drugs, truth and the presence of worms in the human body is no less harmful. So, if the child identified of parasites, it is not necessary to abandon the medication. The intake of certain medicines are permitted only with a certain age, which is why it is important to follow usage instructions.


Popular preparation

After determining the type of helminth is selected the most suitable drug. The dosage is adjusted depending on the weight and age of the patient. Can be assigned suspensions, chewable tablets or tablets in the shell. The drug, which works perfectly against the same type of worms can be absolutely useless in case of infection different types of parasites.

basically, pills withdrawn adults. The drug immobilizes the parasites, causing them die and naturally leave the human body. Zachastuju prescribed a course of treatment that consists of taking multiple medications. Do in order to get rid of all the parasites, without exception. Often use the following drugs:

  • Vanquin;
  • the Worm;
  • Vermeer;
  • Vermoxum;
  • Genmodel;
  • Helmintox;   
  • Mebendazole;
  • Medamin;
  • Nemocid;
  • Pyrantel;
  • Person.

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