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Station deep cleaning - ideal drainage for cottage and country house

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Today on the Internet there are many resources about water treatment in cottages and country homes, but no less important part is sanitation, what this question should be very carefully considered.


a Cesspool

the Simplest solution today is a cesspool that needs a min flow of water. Often, it consists of a container in which a directly and enter the waste water, then pumps the machine-flusher (but this service is necessary from time to time to order and therefore pay for it). It is very easy, the truth is not a convenient option, since you're dependent on public utilities.


Septic tank

1 option is the local sewage system (septic tank). Today this technology has progressed in its development. Setting the local sewer includes the wastewater treatment, which can be neskonchaemyj: biological, mechanical, chemical or physico-chemical.


Station > deep cleaning

But the most effective sewage contaminated water purify station deep clean is the real . These stations are environmentally friendly, quite efficient and easy to use. When compared with septic tanks, these plants purify the wastewater by about 95 percent, have simple installation, eliminate odor, resistant to frost, easy to maintain, installed in any type of soil, and they do not need the services of a plumber.

deep Station water treatment biological method removes phosphorus and carries out the processes of nitrification and denitrification. It also oxygenates the raw water, which in turn, creates just the ideal environment for the process of aeration. Thus, the drains that are received are converted to biomass, then of them appear flocculi, i.e. agglomerated particles of activated sludge. Such Autonomous Sewerage allows you to create reactors with active sludge that is saturated with oxygen on a regular basis, which occurs due to the oxidation of ammonium to nitrogen.

This station consists of 4 cameras:

  • aerotank;
  • the
  • each camera;
  • the
  • secondary clarifier;
  • the
  • stabilizer of activated sludge.

in addition, the deep cleaning station is supplied by another compressor and control unit.

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