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Pylypets - known ski resort in Ukraine

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0 2019

Cosy village of Pylypets in the Transcarpathian region, every year attracts the attention of outdoor enthusiasts, snowboarders and skiers. This famous ski resort is located directly near such natural magic attractions as Vodoparad spikes. Remember if you are interested in , Pylypets is the place that you are looking for.

the Village of Pylypets is the real pearl of Zakarpattia region, it is located in the foothills of the Jew-Guimba and MAGURA, which are part of the mountain massif polonyna Borzhava, famous for its peculiar beauty. As soon as snow falls, the village of Pylypets transformirovalsya in a modern ski resort, the total length of the route which is > 20 km away there are slopes of different difficulty levels. At this Garkalina the resort the longest paved highway in the entire country, there was held the 1st unofficial competition dzhibing and freeride.

Pylypets village to nazhoditsya in the North of the intermountain — famous for its beautiful nature and mild climate, a cozy corner. From an environmental point of view, Mizhhiria is 1 of the most clean regions of Ukraine, no wonder he liked our officials that built here their residences. Above sea level Pylypets "vozvysheniya" 700 m, in addition, it has wonderful neighbors, the resort Nyzhnii Studenyi — in the North-East and the resort of Podobovets — in the West.

Here 24 hours a day a lift (Borzhava ski lifts).Also, you can use double chair lift. Directly for entertainment equipped ski slopes Gide-MAGURA and GBIF. The most longest track (length 4 km) located on Gimbe.
But at Gide-MAGURA is the 4-d tracks, 1 of which is 1.5 km from Guimba is more suitable for experienced skiers, but beginners safer and more pleasant to enjoy skiing Gide-MAGURA.

In Pylypets village has a traditional equipment rental and repair of skis. Also, it functions a classic ski school and school of freeride and snowboarding.

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