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Why you should go for treatment in France

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the Climate of France is very diverse because the country has a 4-d climate zones. Through the Central part of the country is continental climate. West of France is peculiar to the mild climate, accompanied by low temperatures in winter and hot days in the summer. The country also has Mediterranean and mountain climates. In the 1st case, the summers are dry and hot and winter is soft and warm. And 2nd is manifested in the mountains in the form of a cool summer and snowy winters.

the Country is washed by many canals and rivers, there are a huge number of forests. Vacation in France in the provinces, and in popular cultural areas, enjoying the natural monuments and local architecture. In addition, here you can relax and recover at the sea coast or at ski resorts.



Even back in 2000, who acknowledged France 1st country in the world in health care. For comparison, Russia ranked 130th position, while Ukraine - 79. This place of honor France received due to many factors (availability, state funding, innovation and efficiency of medical care). Confirmation of this position is the statistics:

  • the mortality rate here is lower than in other countries (including more developed). So in France – 8.56 deaths per 1 thousand. people in the EU – of 10.28, and in Russia – 16,06;
  • the life expectancy of the French is increasing every year for 3-4 months;
  • there are medical institutions 3 types: private hospitals, public hospitals and clinics with the charity direction. The majority of these schools have centuries-old tradition + history. every year for the treatment of a huge number of local patients and priezzhih from all over the world. The form of device of the local health system in private clinics and public institutions gives the opportunity to achieve good results in the treatment of patients. The basis for this is the increase in the standards of diagnostics and therapy, the use of modern achievements and technologies in medicine.

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