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What are men's tights?

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Tights have always been purely children's and women's garment. But the phenomenon of “men in tights” in the majority of people brings a smile and bewilderment. But today, in the wardrobe, some modern representatives of the stronger sex, you can meet this, with the 1st glance, unsuitable for men garment. But, in fact, wearing tights man becomes less manly. Let us consider in more detail what is .


a Little history

Tights for men in no way are not a modern invention. So, in the Renaissance they were an everyday part of the male wardrobe, but the women and children of tights at that time was not supposed to. Noble men of the 17th and 18th centuries, very successfully combined the tights with trousers that were an integral part of contemporary ceremonial dress.

But mass production of the current tights took place in 1999 and is embodied in the life of the company "Wolfort".


The men's tights are very different from women?

Modern mens tights to a greater extent relate to underwear. Directly when buying, you must ensure that this pantyhose for men. So, they should keep in the front of the codpiece or a special gusset, and have a wider elastic band. For conservative men is available tights without the feet, which are in fact leggings.



Men's tights, as well as women, can make use of various fabrics (from nylon and finishing coat) to be intended for various purposes and have different densities. The most subtle of these tights is nylon, which is to be put under pants, not so much for insulation as for prevention of sticking to the feet of the legs. But the tighter tights are suitable to wear in the cold season, which can wear under a ski outfit and a business suit.

And for the very brave men there are also erotic modeI. These tights have an extravagant appearance, which affects women and revives the thrill.

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