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Sex toys: the Role of the support intimate health

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Sex toys can be used to resolve sexual disharmonies, sexual education for adults, and therapy of certain forms of sexual disorders. Next, we will discuss this in more details and tell us about the use of "toys for adults" employee online store where you can directly purchase .


Dildos vibrators

Massage vagina was used as a medical appointment for treatment of hysterical seizures until the XIX century, but in 1869 invented the 1st vibrator for a couple.

Remember that irregular sexual life of women in organs of small pelvis is formed the stagnation of blood, which in consequence leads to various inflammatory diseases and even infertility. In order to prevent it and the right Dildo and vibro!

Modern vibrators are not only max break up congestion, and also develop in women sensitivity. These devices are recommended for the treatment of anorgasmia.


Kegel Exercisers and Ben WA balls

Kegel Exercises specifically aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Training the muscles of the perineum and of the vagina, contributes to the prevention and treatment of diseases of the female genitourinary system. In particular, the vaginal balls are recommended for postpartum recovery.


Dolls and vaginas

in men and women, due to the lack of an intimate life, also can appear blood stasis in the pelvic organs. In the future it could lead to prostate cancer, and prostatitis. To prevent such congestion used realistic dolls and masturbators.


prostate Massagers

these devices are used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the prostate. The purpose of this massage is to improve blood circulation in the prostate.


Vacuum pump

Female breast vacuum pump is used for the prevention of stagnation when feeding the baby, and also baleni such as breast — pump to break seal + they can be used as a breast pump. As the pumps increase blood circulation, serving to breast enlargement well enough and tighten the breast immediately after feeding it.

Male vacuum pump trains the nervous and circulatory systems which are responsible for persistent erection. They are used for penis enlargement, diseases of the prostate, for the prevention of such diseases as prostatitis + age-related changes. Pump stretches the ligaments at the base of the penis + improves elasticity of blood vessels.

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