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Changes in the body of the expectant mother at the 12th week of pregnancy

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What could be nicer than and you want pregnancy for a real woman? Of course nothing! Every woman needs to carry out its main purpose in life is to become a mother. In our article we learn what hides behind and tell us about this chief editor of the site

At the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy in majority of cases, there are bouts of dizziness and nausea. Just time to tell the family about the new addition to the family, as the belly already becomes noticeable and the many friends and acquaintances already begin to ask, do you expect a child.

On the 12th week best time 1 time to see their future child on the monitor while passing a routine ultrasound. Although the sexual characteristics in the fetus has already been determined, the physician is unlikely to see them and to tell you the gender of your baby.


Changes in the expectant mom's body

  • the Probability of abortion at this time is significantly reduced and the woman have we become accustomed to future motherhood;
  • somewhere in the 60 percent of all cases, a pregnant woman begins to excite less frequent urination;
  • Possible mild tachycardia;
  • isn't emotionnaly and mood changes;
  • In its normal state the female the uterus is relatively small and flat, and by the twelfth week, it often increases in diameter at 11-13 see It already doesn't fit in the pelvis and then up into the abdominal cavity, and this, in turn, provokes a slight increase of the belly;
  • Perimuschestvenno most members of the fairer sex due to the action of hormones look particularly beautiful at this time: their hair becomes more silky, color;
  • Increase in level of hormones during pregnancy often causes heartburn, which is almost impossible to get rid of;
  • May experience changes in skin condition (e.g., pigmentation around nipple becomes darker);
  • Hormonal fluctuations can cause disruptions in metabolism (as a result, on the chest, back and face pimples);
  • There are women who have on the neck and face appear obscure brown spots. This pigmentation disappears immediately after delivery.

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